Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Ever Loving Memory of Georgie

At approximately 3pm 7 yrs ago today I lost my Beloved Georgie - my majestic gorgeous boy- and am taking this moment to honor his memory he was very beautiful and VERY Special to me.. Just a tiny orphan when I got you - I fell in love immediately and you love to kiss mommy- and I loved your sweet kisses too.

You loved life and had a taste for Chocolate
Every year we had a cake for you and you shared with your best buds. We only had a few short years together- God took you just before your 7th birthday.And loved your nite nite Bahs! So I let you have your bahs until YOU wanted to be weaned- BTW you were 4 (YEARS) old :) I sure loved you! YOU loved to help mommy when she did anything in the yard- like fixing fencing- Oh what a help you were :) You took my heart and ran away with it.
(And people say billy goats are Mean- NOT MY Georgie!)
I miss you Georgie, Your graceful horns, your beautiful face, your gentle eyes and the smell of your fiber and feel of it against my face- Your slow majestic way you would walk with me on our long walks together- not a mean bone in your body and you were so young when you left me- I miss you every day YOU were my AngelGoat. Mommy misses you and someday we will be together again.


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