Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kids born at Larkspur Funny Farm

Larkspur Funny Farm writes in her blog:

Thursday - What a DAY - Maggi had a tricky delivery At lunchtime I thought I would go out and check on everyone. Well, Maggi gave me that look - the scared s**tless look that happens when the Mother is not sure if her body is going to explode. I got her in the pen I made for her and then spent the next three hours trying to keep her in the pen. As her contractions grew closer, her wild eyes grew bigger. I grab my chair and started to give her slow breathing patterns. Then I tried to maintain eye contact with her to have her track my breathing. Just then, her mother (Esmerelda) in the farest pen started crying out to her daughter. Then in the pen next to her mother was her grandmother (Eboney)and she joined in. Soon the barn was filled with the ear piercing sounds of concerned relatives. My Great Pry dog had enough of the noise and left the barn.
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